Engine, AC & Transmission Updates

There has been some progress made on the Charger. As you can see in the accompanying slide show the engine compartment is nearly complete. All the needed peripheral engine parts (pulleys, brackets, PS pump, alternator and such) have been found and installed. Additionally, a new AC / Heater system, new power brake booster and master cylinder, radiator, electric fan and all new hoses have been added. Other than for adding fluids and connecting the neutral safety switch connect the engine is ready to be fired up. Even a throttle solenoid as been added to raise the engine RPM’s when the AC is switched on.

The past few days have been spent tracking down a different tail stock housing for the transmission, refurbishing interior parts, installing the steering column, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal and putting the finishing touches on the carpet installation. During the installation of the console shifter mechanism it was discovered the transmission tailstock did not have the mounting tables required to support the console shifter. Who knew that not all 727 tail stock housing weren’t made the same? Obviously our chief builder didn’t.

We located the needed housing which is good news. The bad news is we must disassemble our pretty transmission to make the tail stock swap.

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