Steady Progress – The Dash

We liked how well the Eastwood Thermal – Coustic Barrier material installed on the firewall and the floor in the passenger compartment that we extended it into the trunk. Following that installation and in preparation for installing the dash we installed the refurbished fresh air duct and brake pedal assembly. Lastly, we installed the refurbished dash.

Early in its restoration the dash frame was gutted, modified, sand blasted and then repainted before being reassembled. The frame was modified to accept left and right side AC / heater vents. This vehicle left the factory as a heater only car but we will be installing an AC / heater system and wanted the dash to appear it came from the factor with AC.

Other dash modifications include the amp meter being converted to a volt meter; the radio modified to accept MP3 player input, the instrument panel lights converted to LED’s, the installation of a delayed off key light and a map light and a fader for the radio speaker system. Additionally as part of the refurbishment a dash cap was installed and all lenses and trim pieces refinished.

Our next activity will be to make various connections between the dash wiring and the wiring serving other parts of the vehicle.

Check out the slide show below to see just how far the dash has come and pictures of its recent installation.


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